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  " To the great staff and management of A & W Distributors, let me say thank you, on behalf of DB Drive, DB Research and myself for a wonderful and memorable times at the "A&W DISTRIBUTORS  EXPO EVENTS". I had such a great time and I want to commend all parties involved for a job well done. We wish you and your company continued success, growth and prosperity."

Hector J. Hernandez
DB Research L.L.P.


DB Drive is a, private family owned business with a diverse mix of products available for Car, Marine, and PRO Audio markets. Our specialty is developing high-performance audio product with value in mind. The inner workings of DB Drive is primarily made up of people who have a passion for music; When you ask anyone at DB Drive they will tell you “we take audio very serious”. Working together with our product designers and sales staff is an impressive group of dedicated professionals who make sure that DB Drive’s distribution around the world, and here in the U.S., maintain the highest quality standards.  We believe you will notice that same passion every time you listen to a DB Drive product.

Mario A. Salinas
Design & Development
DB Research L.L.P.


A&W Distributors Welcome DB Drive

     One of the most recognized names in car audio, DB Drive has branded itself as a no nonsense, true to spec company and has kept true to that promise. With some of the most dependable amplifiers, subs and speakers on the market, you can rest easy knowing you are installing something in your customers car that going to keep him happy and last as long as or even outlast his car. Becoming a leader in an industry with already so many “top” brands is no easy task. DB Drive was able to accomplish this with unmatched attention to detail and quality in all lines of its merchandise, starting with the entry level all the way to their highest end products that we have come to hear about so much. One of the few brands out there that customers still ask for by name, DB Drive is a line that you can’t afford to have in your shop or chain of stores. We at A&W Distributors are happy to be your supplier of such a great line of car audio that is not only one of the highest in quality, but also a profitable line that won’t break your customers bank.

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