Kane Naghwai

 What’s in a name? That was the second question…. The first was “How can we offer almost everything dealers and their installers need to get the job done?”.

For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Kane and I have been in the 12Volt industry about 24 years now & I have been on all sides of it as well. I was the kid that swept floors & cleaned up for free just to hang out in my local car audio shop, in high school I hustled installs from other kids as well as neighbors, worked in sales as well as an installer for random shops and have even had stores of my own, and now the importing & wholesale distribution at A&W Distributors. With all this previous experience I know firsthand just how difficult it can be to find everything you need in one place, if at all. Out of necessity opportunity is born.

Back to question 1, “How can we offer almost everything dealers & their installers need to get the job done?” When I came to A&W Distributors we had a few random install supplies such as t-taps, butt connectors & crimp caps, ect. Now, while those few items may get a radio or alarm installed for some, it doesn’t even scratch the surface for high end shops, veteran installers or fabricators. After a meeting with the owners I was given open reign (and a checkbook) to do as I want in the creation of my monster. After coming up with a very large list of what I saw as “necessities” I began the “hard to find” list of products and last but not least… the goodies list. The vision was to have an extensive line of quality products AND good pricing, something in my opinion the industry was lacking. After researching manufacturers, testing mountains of samples for quality and still keeping the price right the planets aligned and a star was born so to speak. ..Installation Station

Question 2, what’s in a name? We kicked names around for a while but nothing seemed to really grab us. I then threw out the name “Installation Station”, that was what I named a relatively large section of my last store where we sold wire by the foot, MDF speaker rings, connectors, solder and all the cool little install supplies that WE used ourselves to the DIY installers as well as other shops when they ran out and needed product on the spot. The “Installation Station” name & new logo I designed got the thumbs up from the owners and new product was on the way!

   Installation Station has since been featured several times in The 12Volt News and other outlets. The line continues to grow and spread across the industry offering LED & HID Lighting, Actuators, Relays, Shaved-Door Kits, Adhesives, MDF Rings, Solder & Heat shrink, Fuses, Carpet, Vinyl, ABS Plastic, Suicide & Lambo Door Kits, Tools, Uni-Bits, Resistors, All Types of Connectors, Slatwall & Hooks and so much more… not to mention the “hard to find” goodies.

For a complete price list check out our catalog or you can now request a digital copy from your salesman.

Kane N.

A&W Distributors